How much must i earn to qualify for Capitec loan

To qualify for a loan from Capitec Bank, you need to meet certain income and documentation requirements. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

Income Requirements
Permanently Employed Individuals: Must have a minimum monthly income of ZAR 5,000.
Self-Employed Individuals: Must have a minimum monthly income of ZAR 10,000.
Home Loan Applicants: Must have a minimum monthly income of ZAR 25,000.

When applying for a loan, you need to provide:
• Your original South African ID.
• Your latest salary slip.
 •A bank statement showing your latest three consecutive salary deposits (if your salary is not paid into your Capitec account).
• Proof of address.

Additional Criteria
Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
Credit History: A good credit score and a positive credit history are crucial. You should not be under debt review or blacklisted.

Application Process
You can apply for a loan through Capitec’s online platform, mobile app, or by visiting a branch. The bank offers a streamlined application process designed to provide quick approvals, often within minutes.

Loan Features
Loan Amount: Capitec offers personalized loans up to ZAR 500,000.
Repayment Terms: Flexible terms with fixed monthly repayments.
Fees and Interest Rates: An initiation fee, monthly service fees, and interest rates based on your credit profile apply. Credit insurance is also mandatory to cover events like death or incapacity.

By meeting these criteria and providing the necessary documents, you can apply for a Capitec loan and potentially get quick access to funds, tailored to your financial needs. For more details, visit the Capitec Bank website.

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