Amapiano stars Kabza De Small and Kelvin Momo in legal battle over contract dispute

Kabza De Small and Kelvin Momo, have found themselves entangled in a legal battle over contract disputes that have rocked the industry. The escalating conflict has not only put a strain on their professional relationship but has also cast a shadow over their once-close personal friendship.

The discord between the two musical heavyweights arose from a contract disagreement between Kelvin Momo and Kabza De Small's record label, PianoHub. Momo, who was signed under PianoHub, alleges that the label failed to uphold their contractual obligations, including the timely payment of royalties every six months and effective promotion of his music.

According to reports, Momo claims that Kabza's company did not fulfill its promises regarding the promotion of his 2020 project, "Momo's Private School," and the securing of endorsements. Additionally, Momo asserts that Kabza De Small's team neglected to inform distributors and publishers that their contractual agreement had ended, leading to payment discrepancies that allegedly benefitted the label over the artist.

The dissatisfaction with these alleged breaches prompted Kelvin Momo to take significant legal action by filing a lawsuit in the Johannesburg High Court. In his legal filing, Momo is demanding a substantial R1 million in compensation for unpaid royalties and the failure of PianoHub to meet its contractual obligations. This move signifies a decisive step by Momo to address the unresolved contract disputes and seek redress for what he perceives as injustices.

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