How i Increased the traffic on my Website

Above are the statistics of my new website for the last 3 months.

The statistics are not that great, but as I learn SEO in depth, I'll improve on them.
As I started the new website, I was confused about how to get backlinks and all that stuff we're told when watching a tutorial or reading an article. 

I simply ignored backlinks for the time being and did keyword research and competitor analysis. My focus was low-volume, low-competition keywords and useful content.

Strategy I followed:

1. I used Semrush to find websites in my niche and selected a few of the websites.

2. After selecting the websites, I checked into their keyword details and found many keywords to tackle (KD less than 25 and volume between 100 and 1000).

3. I wrote content only on those topics, which I could easily win over.

4. I kept the website tech stack really simple to not overcomplicate all the processes.

Tools I used:
Google Search Console
Google Analytics

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