Where is sex education filmed

Where is sex education filmed

The TV series "Sex Education" is primarily filmed in South Wales, United Kingdom, with several locations in and around the cities of Cardiff and Newport. The production team also used some locations in Bristol and Bath, England.

The Moordale Secondary School, where much of the series is set, is actually a fictional school created for the show. The exterior shots of the school were filmed at Caerleon Campus of the University of South Wales, in Newport, Wales.

Many of the scenes set in Otis's house were filmed at a real house in Penarth, Wales, just outside of Cardiff.

The town of Otis's home is meant to be set in England, but the production team chose to film in Wales for logistical reasons, as it was easier to find suitable filming locations and studio space there.

Other notable filming locations include the town of Abergavenny, Wales, which was used for various outdoor scenes, and the Treforest Industrial Estate, which was used for the filming of the "Field Trip" episode.

The show also uses various studio spaces in and around Cardiff for interior scenes, including Dragon Studios and Wolf Studios.

In addition to using real-world locations, the production team also created several elaborate sets for the show. For example, the interior of the Moordale school was built in a studio space in Newport, Wales, and was designed to be modular so that different sections of the school could be easily reconfigured for different scenes.

The show also features a number of memorable outdoor locations, including the cliffs and beaches around Southerndown, Wales, which were used for the "Pool Party" and "Prom" episodes.

The production team has also made use of visual effects to enhance the show's locations. For example, the show's iconic "Sex Bus" was created using a combination of practical effects (i.e., a real bus that was painted and modified) and digital effects (i.e., adding the bus's distinctive graffiti in post-production).

Overall, the use of real-world locations, studio sets, and visual effects all contribute to the show's distinctive visual style and help create a world that feels both familiar and unique. The locations and sets are carefully chosen to reflect the show's themes and characters, and they help create a sense of place that is integral to the show's storytelling.


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