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All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place - Everything we know so far

iPhone 14 Pro — everything we know so far
iPhone 14 Pro — everything we know so far

Apple’s iPhone fourteen professional is about to be the phone that might shake up the iPhone vary by doubtless transferral in a very notably completely different style from the iPhone thirteen professional. With roughly a month to travel before the iPhone's usual Sep launch, iPhone fourteen rumors up to currently have hinted at everything from the death of the notch to AN always-on show.

In the face of stiff competition from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S22 radical and also the Google picture element seven, it's like Apple can ought to bring its A-game to the iPhone fourteen professional. And Apple seems to be doing simply that, with a reported new 48MP main camera and a robust new A16 Bionic chip that the regular iPhone fourteen might not get. 

Overall, the iPhone fourteen vs iPhone fourteen professional variations may well be the most important we have seen in year between the 2 lineups. Here's what we all know thus far regarding the iPhone fourteen professional and what we tend to hope to check.

iPhone fourteen professional latest rumors (Updated August 8)

The iPhone fourteen Pro's launch might return ahead of expected with one informant tipping a Sep half dozen reveal, and motion-picture photography the Apple Event reportedly afoot. 

We list half dozen reasons the iPhone fourteen will hold its own against the iPhone fourteen professional.

A series of iPhone fourteen leaks have born new data regarding iPhone fourteen professional colours and therefore the the} always-on display; charging speeds might also increase to 30W.

iPhone fourteen professional reported unharness date

Going by all the rumors thus far, we tend to reckon Sep thirteen are the launch date for the iPhone fourteen vary. that is insured by the actual fact that motion-picture photography is allegedly afoot for the iPhone fourteen launch as of early August.

All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place
iPhone 14 Pro — everything we know so far

But a fly within the ointment comes within the kind of one informant claiming a launch date of Sep half dozen, that means the iPhone fourteen professional and also the remainder of the phone vary may well be disclosed per week ahead of expected. however legitimate this tip is, is difficult to inform. Apple tends to launch product within the second week of Sep, thus we'd still lean additional on a Sep thirteen launch.

iPhone fourteen professional reported value 

Somewhat reliable informant LeaksApplePro has claimed 3 of the four iPhone fourteen models ar tipped for a value hike, whereas the regular model can apparently lodge in $799 just like the iPhone thirteen. A consequent report conjointly claims AN iPhone fourteen professional value hike is within the works.

Based on these rumors, the iPhone fourteen professional would begin at $1,099, that may be a $100 increase over the $999 iPhone thirteen professional. and also the iPhone fourteen professional grievous bodily harm might even see the same $100 increase, hitting $1,199. This comparatively vital leap in launch value will surely sting the billfold of anyone hoping to attain a high-end next-gen iPhone fourteen. 

When a brand new iPhone arrives it typically suggests that the top of the road for older iPhones, with the iPhone thirteen mini wanting to be the possible phone to urge cut from Apple's smartphone lineup. intrinsically we've mamma into that iPhones may well be out of print once the iPhone fourteen launches.

iPhone fourteen professional style

Tipster Jon Prosser has showcased a collection of renders purportedly supported leaked data, that reveal potential huge changes for the iPhone fourteen professional. 

Prosser's renders show a trio of cameras flush with the iPhone fourteen Pro's back. however if that sounds nice, you may be thwarted by some rival schematics that show the iPhone fourteen professional models wanting loads like their iPhone thirteen counterparts. The raised camera array is back, and even larger on the iPhone fourteen Pro; the new phones also are reported to be zero.2mm thicker than the iPhone thirteen professional and iPhone thirteen professional grievous bodily harm

Other reports even have the rear camera module tipped to urge larger. the explanation for this consistent with reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is that a bigger module is required to accommodate a 48MP camera. As a result, another leak claims the corners of the iPhone fourteen professional (but not the professional Max) are obtaining rounder to higher match the snaky corners of the new module.

All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place
All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place

Perhaps the foremost notable reported style modification for the iPhone fourteen professional is that the removal of the currently notorious show notch. show analyst Ross Young expects Apple to supply a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID in conjunction with a punch hole, thus there would be 2 cutouts. This style is currently ostensibly secured in consistent with rumors from EverythingApplePro.

These rumors got additional credence with what seems to be a leaked offer chain photograph showing off the show panels for all four iPhone fourteen models.

Our best consider what all the look changes add up to are often seen in some iPhone fourteen mock-ups denote by Alibaba and shared by Macotakara. within the case of the iPhone fourteen models, you not solely see the 2 cutouts on the front show, however the larger camera module — Macotakara reports that iPhone thirteen professional cases will not work the iPhone fourteen professional as a result of that larger module.

Speaking of cases, a claimed case leak shows four iPhone fourteen models; the quality iPhone fourteen, iPhone fourteen Plus/Max, iPhone fourteen professional and iPhone fourteen professional grievous bodily harm. 

Not solely is AN iPhone fourteen mini prominently absent, however it conjointly shows however the iPhone fourteen professional are primarily constant size because the commonplace iPhone fourteen, that we'd expect given it is the same story for the iPhone thirteen and iPhone thirteen professional. however the iPhone fourteen professional grievous bodily harm are joined by a bigger Apple smartphone within the kind of the iPhone fourteen Plus/Max. other than that, the rears of all four phones look set to be just like their predecessors, with the professional modes sporting a trio of rear cameras and also the commonplace phones projecting with 2 snappers.

And a contemporary set of iPhone fourteen professional renders, supported schematics, extremely do a decent job at showing off what the evolved style might seem like in metal and glass. they do not reveal any surprise style quirks, however rather offer United States of America good} impression of however the pill and punch-hole camera/Face ID cutouts can look like; astonishingly decent because it happens.

Finally on the notch front, informant Ice Universe has shared what feels like a screen preserver for the iPhone fourteen Pro(opens in new tab). This once more shows the pill and hole-punch cutouts on the front, giving United States of America a transparent plan of however huge they're going to be.

There were some early rumors that bit ID might create a come back within the kind of AN under-display fingerprint scanner. However, the jury continues to be out on however possible this can be. Analyst dynasty Chi-Kuo reckons that there will not be AN iPhone with bit ID, or under-display Face ID, for one more few years. this is able to are pretty unsatisfying, as throughout these mask-wearing times, having another to Face ID is extremely handy.

But with iOS fifteen.4, Apple has created it so Face ID will acknowledge a legitimate user even after they ar sporting a mask. it works remarkably well, that means Apple could have bypassed the requirement for fingerprint-centric life science.

More leaks ar getting down to arise regarding the colour choices for the iPhone fourteen professional. A Chinese informant claimed that aboard the acquainted atomic number 6, Silver and Gold professional iPhone colours, the new choice for this year would be a dark purple. you'll be able to see that below in another set of renders, these ones coming back from creative person Souta(opens in new tab).

In May, MacRumors(opens in new tab) summarized the standing of iPhone fourteen color rumors so far, with the addition of the purple choice the foremost radical modification. Otherwise, the report has the black, white, blue and [Product] Red choices that compose the present iPhone thirteen and iPhone thirteen sections. (Note that Apple has started job its black and white phones "Midnight" and "Starlight," severally.) The pink and inexperienced colours would be born this point around.

As for the iPhone fourteen professional and iPhone fourteen professional grievous bodily harm, the new purple hue would be a part of silver, gold and atomic number 6 because the reportable color choices. each the Sierra Blue color offered since the iPhone thirteen Pro's launch and also the Alpine inexperienced version introduced within the spring would be born from the lineup.

The latest word on iPhone fourteen professional colours comes from informant @Jioriku on Twitter, via posts revealing variety of potential iPhone fourteen specs. The informant claims the iPhone fourteen professional colours are purple, green, silver and atomic number 6. thus it looks like it is a question of inexperienced vs. gold in concert of the potential iPhone fourteen professional colours.

iPhone fourteen professional USB-C

All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place
All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place

There ar rumors that counsel Apple would finally go the USB-C port route with the iPhone fourteen professional, which would add up as several of its devices have already got USB-C property. but more moderen rumors claim there Apple can continue Lightning over USB-C however switch to updated Lightning ports with quicker USB three.0 information transfer. That comes because the EU moves nearer to creating USB-C the quality charger for transportable devices just like the phones.

For some individuals, USB-C on the iPhone fourteen professional would be a must have feature. In fact, the Lightning connection is arguably the worst factor regarding the iPhone , because it will wear out over time. this could create it terribly troublesome to charge your phone. sadly, Apple is unlikely to abandon Lightning unless it's to, given however established the quality, and its system of accessories already is.

Meanwhile Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple can switch the iPhone to USB-C, however not till late 2023. If he is correct — and a brand new report in Bloomberg suggests that he's — it suggests that we cannot be seeing an officer USB-C iPhone till the iPhone fifteen arrives.

The revamped iOS sixteen lock screen previewed by Apple in June looks to line the stage for this feature, with new findings at intervals iOS sixteen and in Apple's Xcode developer software package indicating the full lock screen can seem on the AOD, not simply regular widgets, however in a very silhouetted type to conserve power.

In distinction, the quality iPhone fourteen models ar currently tipped to urge a 90Hz show, which might be AN upgrade over the 60Hz of the iPhone thirteen however more or less up there with the professional phones. 

As for screen sizes, consistent with Ross Young, the iPhone fourteen professional might increase in size from half dozen.06 inches to six.12 inches, and also the iPhone fourteen professional grievous bodily harm from half dozen.68 to 6.69 inches. this can apparently be as a result of reported slimmer bezels and new notch style.

Finally, a report from The Elec suggests that iPhone fourteen professional ANd iPhone fourteen professional grievous bodily harm can see an upgrade for his or her OLED show quality. The report says that Samsung show can use its older M11 series of OLED displays for the half dozen.1-inch iPhone fourteen and also the half dozen.7-inch iPhone fourteen Max/Plus. The newer generation M12 series displays are reserved entirely for the iPhone fourteen professional and professional grievous bodily harm. this might not be an enormous distinction, however it's still a disappointment.

iPhone fourteen professional cameras

All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place
iPhone 14 Pro — everything we know so far

Don’t expect a giant modification within the variety of cameras the iPhone fourteen professional can bring, because the professional phones ar tipped to stay with the quality dance band of a main, ultrawide and photo array. Given however Apple phones frequently feature in our greatest camera phones lineup, that is no dangerous factor.

But one leak has the iPhone fourteen professional tipped to urge a 48MP main camera, that may finally build a amendment from the 12MP cameras Apple has used for years. whereas Cupertino’s process photography is a few of the simplest around, having additional megapixels to play with would probably offer the iPhone fourteen professional additional scope once it involves process lightweight and details; we have a tendency to may well be at a time wherever megapixels matter another time to Apple. 

But a daily Apple tout has the quality iPhone fourteen models tipped to stay with 12MP cameras, with solely the professional models expected to urge a 48MP main camera.

No changes are touted for the ultrawide camera, however we’d be stunned if some effort wasn't created to boost the sector of read and facilitate take away some edge distortion. 

And there’s scope for the photo camera to urge a zoom boost, as associate Apple patent points toward the corporate engaged on a periscope-style zoom camera. If such a feature was reaching to debut in associate iPhone, it'd be for the iPhone fourteen professional. however to muddy the waters, Apple oracle Ming-Chi Kuo claims the optical instrument camera will not seem till the iPhone fifteen in 2023. the shortage of a photo upgrade for this year may build the iPhone fourteen professional a true letdown(opens in new tab). 

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims all models of the iPhone fourteen can get associate upgraded front-facing camera. It's wanting like this can involve a replacement wider aperture, a additional advanced 6-part lens and also the addition of optical device for the primary time. Together, this could permit the iPhone's selfie snapper to require brighter photos that ar easier to shoot because of the optical device, which are going to be less susceptible to distortion. 

Kuo additionally recently reportable that Apple has modified lens suppliers because of the present one littered with quality problems with "coating-crack." Apple has allegedly stirred its order of ten million units to a replacement provider, Largan.

For more, see our our iPhone fourteen camera(opens in new tab) roundup for all the largest reported upgrades.

iPhone fourteen professional specs and battery life 

All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place
All the iPhone 14 Pro rumors and leaks in one place

Following on from the A15 Bionic, we'd expect to visualize associate A16 Bionic give the iPhone fourteen professional series, with improved performance across the board in step with alleged benchmarks. 

However, a set of rumors to this point have the iPhone fourteen tipped to stay with the A15 Bionic chip, which might produce a inequality between the models core specs. this might be a primary for Apple because it has perpetually equipped new iPhones with upgraded atomic number 14. 

That may be no dangerous issue the A15 Bionic continues to be a awfully powerful chip and quite enough for just about any smartphone task. thus we've mulled over what the A16 may rouse the table to warrant shopping for associate iPhone fourteen professional over the quality iPhone fourteen. 

DigiTimes claims that the iPhone fourteen professional can get 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM whereas the regular iPhone fourteen may stay at the older and slower LPDDR4X. LPDDR5 is that the latest technical school once it involves transportable RAM, thus it ought to build the iPhone fourteen professional fly once paired with the A16 Bionic.

Storage is probably going to travel up to 1TB, however there are no solid storage rumors for the iPhone fourteen professional nevertheless. 

A supply from Weibo claiming to grasp the battery capacities of the iPhone fourteen family shows that every one models except the iPhone fourteen professional easy lay are going to be obtaining a small increase in size. The fourteen professional easy lay is in truth shrinking a bit, however hopefully not enough to impact the phone's overall battery life.

We’d be assured that the iPhone fourteen professional can match or exceed the eleven hours and forty two minutes the iPhone thirteen professional did in our battery check, that forces the phone to endlessly reload websites on a cellular affiliation till it dies. The iPhone thirteen professional easy lay managed a prolonged twelve hours and sixteen minutes, thus we’d expect the iPhone fourteen professional easy lay to try and do an equivalent or higher as Apple boost chip and phone potency. 

As for 5G, we're expecting the iPhone fourteen professional to use a replacement smaller 5G electronic equipment chip. The smaller size ought to mean it takes less power to run, which there may well be further space for the battery to expand into. that might mean the already spectacular battery lifetime of the iPhone thirteen will be improved upon even additional. 

Sadly, it's wanting just like the iPhone fourteen professional may miss out on the advancements created by Qualcomm's new 5G chip, the flower X70. The chip can embrace a 5G AI processor, the primary of its kind, that ought to permit the electronic equipment system to use AI to optimize a phone's antenna and higher manage 5G beams reaching to and from a 5G phone. Qualcomm figures which will be significantly helpful for mmWave-based 5G

iPhone fourteen professional outlook 

The iPhone fourteen professional may well be the phone several folks are expecting, with the professional models tipped to supply a true evolution of the iPhones we’ve seen over the past few years. Sure, it’s not reaching to be unidentifiable from the iPhone thirteen and iPhone twelve, however we have a tendency to suspect this coming generation of iPhone can introduce a style language and capabilities which will set the stage for different iPhones to follow.

No notch, associate always-on show, a much bigger megapixel count for the most camera, and doubtless a USB-C port, may extremely shake up the iPhone as we all know it. which would successively have the impact of setting the quality for different smartphones to follow if they need to win a spot on our greatest phones list.


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