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What Does it Mean to Lead a Literate Life?

What Does it Mean to Lead a Literate Life?

 Jessica Wollman is Senior vp, chief of information at Scholastic Education Solutions. Here, she explores however the concept of Associate in Nursing engaged reader has reworked and the way educators will support students in a very hybrid print and digital atmosphere.

A few weeks past, I told my eleven-year-old son to place down his phone and notice one thing else to try to to, ideally a non-screen based mostly activity. “OK,” he said. “But I’m reading The Art of War.”  

I was afraid by this revelation; I’ve ne'er thought-about my son to be a reader. we have a tendency to board a house full of books, however I can’t bear in mind the last time I saw him pull a title from a shelf. He reads allotted texts from college, however ne'er ventures on the far side the obligatory. My husband and that i gave abreast of attempting to force this issue many years past.

A few days once the “Art of War” incident, I examine analysis conducted by the yankee Institutes for analysis, searching the declining rates of reading comprehension and engagement, as indicated by recent NAEP scores. an issue that has arisen amidst this analysis: however does one live all the “new” types of reading that youngsters do today? Elena Forzani, Associate in Nursing prof of education at Beantown University, World Health Organization is independent with each NAEP and also the AIR study, recognized that conducting Google searches, reading on-line articles and making videos will so facilitate children acquire new vocabulary and build topic data. this kind of digital engagement claims Forzani, “requires advanced and demanding psychological feature processes.”

I was reminded of my son reading Sun Tzu. then I recalled a motivating reality he shared one morning regarding Associate in Nursing eight year previous lady World Health Organization includes a higher ratio than each Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. There’s conjointly his encyclopaedic data of soccer trifle and warfare II battles.

Suddenly, it hit me: my son is so a reader. However, readers nowadays look completely different than they did, even 10 years past. Like everything else, new technologies have reworked all aspects of literacy: instruction, freelance reading, and engagement.

This gives rise to a bigger question: in a very world full of good technology, what will it mean to guide a literate life? however will we have a tendency to support students and facilitate them thrive in a very hybrid atmosphere, wherever print and screen co-exist?

A “New” type of Engagement

When it involves freelance reading, analysis has lang syne tested that students should love what they browse. per the Scholastic children & Family Reading Report™, half of 1 mile of children say ar|they're} a lot of probably to complete a book they’ve designated for themselves and also the majority of children (89%) agree their favorite books are those they’ve designated. Motivation is that the drive behind each book browse, and ends up in a lot of books browse, too.

Kids nowadays have search engines, blogs, social media, and social networks at their fingertips. There’s no dearth of access to info. Technology makes it easier to create learner-centered lecture rooms wherever students will pursue their favorite topics, sound resources and experience to create data. once incorporating technology into your lesson plans, it’s vital to stay student selection and agency prime of mind. once students own their own reading and learning, motivation soars.

The Myth of the Digital Native

Yes, your students could be ready to text with one hand, answer journal posts and enter topics into search engines all at lightning speed. however reviewing the knowledge came back by a research engine with a important eye Associate in Nursingd understanding that blogs may be wont to advocate an opinion or position square measure learned skills. like ancient accomplishment, digital accomplishment conjointly needs specific and targeted instruction. It’s vital to show students the way to be good, accountable and productive customers of media. This includes the event of healthy digital habits and attitudes. Sites like logic Media and also the Center for Media accomplishment have resources that facilitate faculties and academics formalize digital accomplishment instruction in their lecture rooms. Scholastic Magazines+ may be Associate in Nursing age-appropriate, valuable resource for college students and academics. 

Print and Screen synergism

In her book Reader, Come Home, Maryanne Wolf emphasizes the necessity for young readers to become, “expert, versatile code switchers—between print and digital mediums currently and later, between and among the multiple future communication mediums.” She underscores the necessity to show children to browse deeply, in a very sustained manner, and hopes that each digital and analog media will add support of this goal.

But it’s vital to contemplate the medium also because the learning goal, and try the 2 fittingly. Wolfe believes that “deep reading processes” like creating inferences and demanding analysis of a text, square measure best drained print. however she acknowledges that digital reading permits for interest-based learning and fast topic immersion. Her hope is that, via acceptable instruction and support, young readers can return to grasp the various kinds of media, what every will best, and leverage them consequently. once designing your instruction, place confidence in the scholars in your schoolroom and what you’d like them to find out from a selected lesson. It’s conjointly vital to recollect that not all students have equal access to technology in their homes, particularly once designing lessons that may have Associate in Nursing at-home part.

As students head back to high school this fall, they’ll finally be ready to expertise the gifts of in-person instruction, print materials, and digital learning. victimization these resources harmonic can bring intention and inspiration into lecture rooms and set students on the trail to guide literate lives.


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