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Minecraft education edition

Minecraft education edition
Minecraft education edition


Learning Objectives

Students are able to articulate the distinction between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

Students are able to articulate the professionals and cons of victimisation renewable energy sources.

Students are able to establish locations best suited to renewable energy usage.

Students can demonstrate information of renewable energy sources.

Guiding concepts

    ●What area unit the variations between fossil fuels and renewable energy?


    ●Fossil fuels area unit restricted in amount and build dioxide once burned.


    ●Renewable energy sources area unit perpetually being replenished. Sunlight, wind, water, etc.

How much area unit we tend to victimisation renewable resources vs. fossil fuels?

    ●Fossil fuels presently offer eightieth of energy wants in U.S..

What area unit the professionals and cons and renewable energy sources?


    ■Decreases air and pollution, helps to combat global climate change


    ■Sources like wind, solar, tidal, and heat won’t run out


    ■Stable worth over time (unlike fossil fuels)


    ■Hard to provide energy on same giant scale as fossil fuels.


    ■Solar and wind vary with the weather, time of day, and season


    ■Can disrupt natural atmosphere in area unitas wherever power plants are designed


    ■Can be overpriced to make


    ■Resource quality is location-specific

Discuss electricity power, like that provided by the dike, as Associate in Nursing example of renewable energy. For background data on electricity power and alternative sources of renewable electricity technology, see the Water for Energy chapter of the Resourcefulness STEM App

Student activities

In groups, have students select a sort of renewable energy on that to focus their analysis.

Find a Minecraft community just like the chosen climate ideal for the chosen renewable energy supply and build a version of this kind of power inside Minecraft moreover as home that creates use of this power.

Use the starter worlds provided, produce a replacement world and explore, or search on-line for a “Seed” world that matches your wants.



    ●Wind: Plains, Mesa, Savanna, Plateau


    ●Solar: savannah, Desert, Mesa, Plains


    ●Hydro: Forest, River, Hills


    ●Geothermal: Hills, Savanna, Plains, Desert, Plateau, Ocean, Beach, The Nether

    ●Tidal: Ocean, Beach


    ●Biomass: Plains, Forest

Performance expectations

Students ought to create use of the camera inside Minecraft to require footage of their build, then use these pictures to assist illustrate a presentation on their groups’ chosen renewable energy sort.

Students ought to be able to answer the subsequent questions:

    ●What may be a renewable resource?


    ●What is that the method by that it's reborn into usable energy?


    ●What area unit the professionals and cons of this kind of energy?


    ●What area unit the most effective locations to form use of this renewable energy source?

If potential, students can establish areas of their own country best suited to differing kinds of renewable energy.

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