Empowering Students for Success

Community Bridges That Build the Way to School Success
Community Bridges That Build the Way to School Success

 Supporting the Journey

Valley of the Sun United means envisions a community wherever each kid, family and individual is healthy, encompasses a safe place to measure, and has each chance to reach college, life, and work. Supporting a family’s journey to success is crucial. we tend to believe walking aboard them as they navigate their child’s education and every one the important transitions they are available across on the means. This ensures they need the required tools and resources to achieve their goals. 

Reaching instructional Milestones

Building a powerful learning foundation sets youngsters up for achievement at school and life. it's a foundation that's quickly shaped throughout the earliest years of their lives. Science tells U.S.A. that ninetieth of the brain is developed by age 5. that's why it's therefore vital for families to specialize in reaching instructional milestones and making ready their youngsters to enter college. Failing to achieve those goals will break the birth-to-career time, that comes at nice price to the whole community.

Covid-19’s Impact on Education

Valley of the Sun United means, along side Scholastic, has been distributing college Readiness Kits for the past fifteen years. These kits came full of over eighty fun and academic activities for families to try to to with their youngsters in preparation for college. eighty nine of families WHO received a kit reported that they were reading a lot of and doing a lot of learning activities reception. However, throughout the pandemic we tend to found that families required a lot of.

Community Bridges That Build the Way to School Success
Community Bridges That Build the Way to School Success

Covid-19 had a vast impact on education across the state. youngsters began to learn from home and fogeys took on a fair larger role in their learning journey. depression of the Sun United means reached bent families WHO received a college Readiness Kit and asked however we tend to may facilitate. several responded voice communication they required resources and steerage for successive step, getting into educational institution and preschool.

Introducing college Success Kits

To address this would like, depression of the Sun United means teamed up with Scholastic once more within the development of the new college Success Kit. The kit was developed to continue down the academic journey with families and to require off wherever college Readiness Kits stopped. These kits are going to be distributed in communities wherever youngsters might not have access to high-quality educational institution programs or might are cared for by family, friends, or neighbors before preschool. The kits area unit the simplest way to bridge college and residential communities and guarantee support for student engagement whereas cultivating the enjoyment of reading and learning.

What’s enclosed for Families

The School Success Kit includes a bilingual family guide with milestones and activities to strengthen skill skills. It conjointly has increased activities around parent engagement and social emotional development supported the Yale kid Study and Scholastic cooperative for kids and Family Resilience work.

It conjointly provides colleges the chance to extend their family and community engagement efforts. The kit helps educators discovered meet and greets, orientations and syllabus nights, because the family guide resource enclosed within the kit becomes the connective. That consistent engagement may be life ever-changing.

The kits conjointly provide steerage for folks on a way to communicate with their children’s lecturers to create robust partnerships with colleges. this may permit them to higher support their child’s learning journey, be their advocate and keep engaged.

Valley of the Sun United means is proud to partner with Scholastic to make lasting amendment within the lives of youngsters across Maricopa County, AZ and we’re excited to increase our answer to highschool districts round the nation. Together, we’re assured we’ll shut the chance gaps to confirm students scan at grade level by third grade which they're given the support they have to reach college and life.


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